In a heartfelt tribute to Valle Monte League’s enduring support, Hearts & Minds Activity Center dedicated their main building to the league in February 2023. The newly christened “Valle Building” stands as a testament to Valle Monte League’s unwavering commitment, symbolizing their contributions of time, energy, and financial resources to furthering mental health initiatives.

CEO of Hearts & Minds Activity Center, Maria Nicolacoudis, expressed profound gratitude towards Valle Monte League, acknowledging their invaluable contributions totaling over $1.1 million since 1986. These contributions have had a transformative impact on the lives of dementia clients and their caregivers, underscoring the significance of Valle Monte League’s partnership with the center.

Speaking about Valle Monte League members, Nicolacoudis praised their intelligence, talent, and versatility, emphasizing their willingness to offer support and guidance whenever called upon. She remarked, “Valle Monte League members are intelligent, talented, and well-versed in many areas. When I pick up the phone to ask them for information or advice, they are receptive and helpful.” Nicolacoudis added, “Valle Monte League cares about what we do.”

The dedication ceremony, held on February 8th, was attended by esteemed guests, including Derrick Seaver, President and CEO of the San Jose Chamber of Commerce, and Mark Tiernan, Deputy Chief of Staff to County Supervisor Otto Lee. Their presence underscored Valle Monte League’s significant impact on the community and served as a testament to the enduring partnership between Hearts & Minds Activity Center and Valle Monte League.

Heather Kettmann, President of Valle Monte League for 2023, accepted the distinction on behalf of the league, expressing gratitude for the honor bestowed upon them. The event served as a poignant reminder of Valle Monte League’s impactful contributions to the community and reinforced the importance of collaborative efforts in supporting mental health services.

The dedication of the Valle Building not only celebrates Valle Monte League’s past achievements but also signifies a commitment to continued collaboration in providing and promoting mental health services for years to come.