Family & Children Services 


 Family & Children Services 


 Family & Children Services 


Since 1948, Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley (FCS), a division of Caminar, has been improving the lives of children, teens, and adults in our community through emotional and mental health services. Family & Children Services counsels teens at risk of suicide, prepares foster youth for success, assists veterans and their families, and helps families heal from violence, abuse, and addiction.

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About Family & Children Services


Family & Children Services focuses on promoting healthy development of children and their families.  Services are offered in eight languages, including American Sign Language for the hearing impaired --- the only service for the deaf in the greater South Bay. The center is open to everyone. More than 60% of all cases deal with child abuse.  The Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Program provides crisis intervention. Each year, 12,000 people are served.

Valle Monte League has supported Family & Children Services since 1954. Valle Monte currently donates funds to the following programs:

  • Positive Solutions Program
    • A program that provides counseling services for families including children, teens, and adults dealing with domestic violence, child abuse, and other critical issues.
  • Clinical Counseling Program
    • This program provides counseling services to individuals and families
  • On Campus Counseling Services in the School-Based Services Program
  • Support Groups for children through Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services

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