About Family & Children Services

Since 1948, Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley (FCS), a division of Caminar, has been improving the lives of children, teens, and adults in our community through emotional and mental health services. Family & Children Services counsels teens at risk of suicide, prepares foster youth for success, assists veterans and their families, and helps families heal from violence, abuse, and addiction.

Family & Children Services focuses on promoting healthy development of children and their families.  Services are offered in eight languages, including American Sign Language for the hearing impaired — the only service for the deaf in the greater South Bay. The center is open to everyone. More than 60% of all cases deal with child abuse.  The Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Program provides crisis intervention. Each year, 12,000 people are served.

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Partners since 1954

Valle Monte League has supported Family & Children Services since 1954. Valle Monte currently donates funds to the following programs:

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Did You Know?

A generous donation of:


  • Connects survivors of domestic violence with emotional support, so they know they are not alone
  • Funds a support group session for survivors of domestic violence
  • Lets us offer expert counseling and support to an adult in crisis


  • Funds individual counseling and parent coaching services, so a youth struggling with anxiety can recover and grow
  • Funds an educational workshop for teachers by FCS’s experts on the effects of emotional trauma and proven ways to create a supportive, trauma-informed classroom environment


  • Funds assessment and initial treatment for a child who is healing from the effects of neglect.
  • Helps to provide comprehensive mental health support, including psychiatric care, for a parent recovering from a mental health crisis


  • Funds two months of therapy for a teen coping with anxiety
  • Funds support groups for children who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing, providing opportunities to build resilience, in