Former Presidents 


 Former Presidents 


2016 SPRING LUNCHEON: (Left to right) Laurie Woodward, Noelle Shahin, Jill Muller, Diane Lovaglia, Jo Harmon, Loretta Gambill, Sally Allen, Ingela Butters, Joan Cloughesy, Luana Crotteau, Cathy De Maria, Kathie Fox and Barbara Weingarten

Over the past 65 years, there have been sixty-five incredible women who have lead the charge against the stigma of mental health within The Bay Area. We honor these strong women who have lead numerous efforts to bring awareness to the Valle Monte League's mission and fundraising efforts. Their intelligence, grace, and sheer will leave a legacy that continues to inspire us to this day.


Tre Monte

Sue McCord 1952

Lee Anderson* 1953



Carolyn Swanson 1954

Mrs. Mike Lee* 1955-1956

Marjorie Pierce* 1957

Jimmie Dawson 1958

Mrs. Robert Sargent* 1959


Josephine Dunkin 1960

Jill O'Brien 1961

Gerry Witkin* 1962

Kay Walker* 1963

Christine Snyder* 1964-1965

Mrs. Eugene Westphalen* 1966

Rosalie Lincoln* 1967

Enide Allison* 1968

Florence Barker* 1969-1970


Marjorie Lincoln, Jr. 1971

Natalie Thompson* 1972

Dorothy Creffield* 1973

Judy Abate  1974

Ellie Tiffany Miller 1975

Claire Rice 1976

Dorothy Edwards* 1977

Helena Tyers* 1978

Beverly Scoffone 1979


Jo Harmon 1980

Patricia Murphy* 1981

Elvamae Carl 1982

Joan Cloughesy 1983

Joanne Kennedy* 1984

Lorraine Lewis 1985

Mickie Wilkinson 1986

Sandra Farris 1987

Marilyn Longwello 1988

Marianne Nelson 1989


Jeanne Griffith 1990

Maribeth Benham 1991

Arlene Pasetta Nobriga 1992

Doreen James 1993

Loretta Gambill 1994

Ida Drews 1995

Jeanne Helmonds 1996

Barbara Campisi 1997

Jill Muller 1998

Wanda Pollack 1999


Beth Von Till 2000

Anne Noller 2001

Kathie Fox 2002

Sally Allen 2003

Eve Jones 2004

Lisa Blickenstaff 2005

Sandra  Mason 2006

Ingela Butters 2007

Cathy De Maria 2008

Heidi Bonneau 2009


Diane Lovaglia 2010

Laurie Woodward 2011

Noelle Shahin 2012

Adrianna Citti Glascott 2013

Barbara Weingarten 2014

Luana Crotteau 2015

Carolyn Anderson 2016

Linda Conover 2017

Joyce Raney 2018

Corinne Raffanti 2019


Left to Right: Laurie Woodward, Jill Muller, Sally Allen, Jo Harmon, Adrianna Citti Glascott, Cathy De Maria, Barbara Weingarten, Diane Lovaglia

Left to Right: Eve Jones, Jo Harmon, Jill Muller, Cathy De Maria, Loretta Gambill, Kathie Fox, Ingela Butters, Anne Noller, Sally Allen