Valle Monte League Membership Dues

Thank you so much for your dedication and support to VML.  We value and appreciate everything that you have accomplished to support VML and our charities.  We are having a tremendous year once again, all thanks to you.

Now it is time to collect 2024 Membership Dues.  Just as your individual support is vital, your Dues are also vital.  They allow VML to function as an organization, to continue to provide and promote better mental health within the community.

Active Members pay $100.  Active includes the Provisional Class of 2023.  Actives may vote and hold office, may sponsor candidates, and have financial & time obligations.

Sustaining Members pay $125.  You must have been an Active Member for at least 10 years to choose this option.  Sustainers may vote and have limited candidate sponsorship privileges.

Out-of-Town Members pay $100.  You must live outside a 50-mile radius from San Jose.  Out-of-Towners may vote and have limited candidate sponsorship privileges. 

Provisional Class: pay $125.

Your Dues Deadline is January 1, 2024.  Late Dues Double on February 1. The deadlines are set in our Bylaws – no exceptions (other than the hardship provision below)!

Hardship Provision: If for any reason you cannot meet your financial obligation, present your reasons in writing to the President and Treasurer, who will hold this information in confidence.