Valle Monte League uses the names and emails of your guests to provide express online check-in and to communicate event information such as table assignments, parking, health updates, online auction details and event receipts. Valle Monte League does not share or sell contact information that you provide.

 A personal RSVP link is emailed to you from Valle Monte League Reservations within 72 hours of making your reservation if you have open seats in your reservation.  Purchasers can request to have the RSVP link resent by clicking the button below or sending an email to

Yes, you or your guests can fill out the RSVP information. We encourage you to forward the RSVP link to your guests and have them fill out their own information so that they can optionally pre-register their credit card for purchases at the event.

The RSVP Link email includes a sample email that you can cut, paste and forward to your guests. They can use the RSVP link to fill in their own information. If you are having difficulty with this, contact with your guests’ emails and we will help.

  • To add new guests: Use your personal RSVP link that you should have received in an email from Valle Monte League Reservations within 72 hours of making your reservation. The personal RSVP link allows you to provide guest information for your reservation.  Purchasers can request a new RSVP link via by filling out our Update Registration Form or emailing 
  • To replace a guest: Use our  Update Registration Form to identify the guest that is no longer part of your reservation. After the guest is removed from the system, you will be sent an email with an updated RSVP link. Please following the instructions in the email to provide your new guest’s information.
  • To update a guest’s email address, mobile number or meal selection: Use our Update Registration Form

This message occurs when all seats in a reservation have been assigned to guests. The purchaser of the reservation (the Host) should use the Update Reservations Form to identify guests no longer attending the event. Once the update is made, the RSVP link should allow new guests to be added. If the host is unaware of  who is listed on the reservation, they should contact and ask for the current guest list.    

When you select the option to pre-authorize your card for use at the event you setup up a Tab that allows you to easily participate in Christmas Tree Elegance’s FUN-Raising activities (silent and live auction, tree donation tickets, golden tickets and s.parkle drawing tickets).  It also automatically checks you into the event, allowing you to skip the check-in process

Contact for answers to all event reservation questions. You will receive a reply within 72 hours. As an all-volunteer organization, we appreciate your patience with our reply system.