President’s Message

Welcome to Valle Monte League. It is my honor and privilege to represent our organization as the 70th president of Valle Monte League. Our history reaches all the way back to 1954 and our members are still passionately united behind the cause to support mental health in our community. To date we are proud to announce we have raised more than 11 million dollars for those that need critical mental health services in the San Jose Bay Area. We must be aware of those in our community struggling with mental health issues, we must lend a hand and continue to address the larger issue of the stigmas surrounding mental health.

Our primary and annual fundraiser since 1968 has been Christmas Tree Elegance. We are pleased to share our theme this year will be Christmas on the Orient Express and will be held on Friday, December  6th at the Santa Clara Convention Center. We are appreciative of the continued support we have received from the community and our membership to continue raising funds for our three mental health agencies; The Bill Wilson Center, Hearts and Minds Activity Center and Family and Children Services, a division of Caminar. Together, we will continue to make strides to better mental health in our community and we look forward to seeing you at Christmas Tree Elegance this December!

Michelle Macchiarella
2024 President