Prospective Members

Welcome to Valle Monte League!

Thank you for considering joining Valle Monte League.

Valle Monte League has proudly served as a pillar of support for mental health agencies in the greater Santa Clara County area for over 70 years. Comprised of dedicated women volunteers, we are committed to raising funds and awareness to drive positive change in our community.

We are seeking women who share our passion for:

  • Contributing to mental health agencies through fundraising, actively impacting our community.
  • Building enduring friendships and connections with fellow women volunteers who share our commitment to mental health advocacy and community support.
  • Embracing opportunities for personal growth and empowerment across a range of developmental avenues
Membership Process:
  • January: Application period opens. Apply now!
  • March: Invitations are extended to eligible candidates.
  • March through December: Provisional training prepares members for active involvement, culminating in our hallmark fundraising event, Christmas Tree Elegance, held in the first week of December.
Financial Commitments:
  • One-time Provisional fee
  • Annual dues as an Active member
  • Commitment to procure $500 in annual donations
Time Commitments:
  • Attend monthly general meetings: Our meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at with the exception of the summer months when no meetings are scheduled.
  • Volunteer at the event the first weekend of December. This includes:
    • Setup: Volunteers are needed on the Thursday prior to the event for setup.
    • Event Participation: Your presence is crucial during the event on Friday.
    • Cleanup: We appreciate your assistance on Saturday morning for cleanup duties
Signature Event:

Christmas Tree Elegance: Our premier fundraising event, held annually during the first week of December.

Engagement Beyond Fundraising:

In addition to our philanthropic efforts, Valle Monte League offers socials and regular meetings to keep members engaged and foster collaboration on new initiatives.

Join Us:

If you or someone you know shares our dedication to mental health advocacy and community service, we invite you to reach out today to learn more about becoming a part of Valle Monte League.

Ready to make a difference? Contact us now!