The mission of Valle Monte League, a volunteer organization, is dedicated to raising funds that provide and promote better mental health in the community through mental health agencies.


Valle Monte League will be the most recognized and respected all-volunteer nonprofit contributor for the benefit of local mental health agencies in the community. The League shall be nonsectarian, nonpartisan and nonprofit.


We strive to be open to innovative and creative ideas to ensure long-term viability of our organization through the knowledge and experience of our volunteers.

Membership Support:
We are committed to providing a supportive environment that encourages camaraderie, respect and validation of each other.

Delivering Excellence:
We strive to be the “best” by consistently delivering high quality events and participation in the community.

As volunteers, we serve our agencies, our community and our organization in a professional manner.  We are dedicated to continuous improvement to enable personal and professional growth.

Contributing to the Community:
Valle Monte League is a valuable member of the community both independently and through cooperation with our agencies: our organization will make significant contributions in raising mental health awareness and financial assistance.